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Icon Name Use Notes
Medical Herb Heal ~10HP None
Healing Seed Heal ~20HP None
Antidote Remove poision None
Angel Wing Retreat from battle (Egress) None
Shower Of Cure Full cure entire force None
Speed Ring Egress Equip for +4 AGI
Power Ring Boost 1 Equip for +4 ATT
Mobility Ring None Equip for +2 MOV
White Ring Aura 1 Equip for +6 DEF
Black Ring Blaze 3 Equip for +6 ATT
Evil Ring Bolt 3 Equip for +8 ATT
Yogurt Ring Look like Jogurt Look like Jogurt
Bread Of Life Permanently increase HP None
Power Potion Permanently increase ATT None
Defense Potion Permanently increase DEF None
Legs of Haste Permanently increase AGI None
Turbo Pepper Permanently increase MOV None
Domingo Egg None Can be hatched to
get Domingo
Orb Of Light None Story item
Moon Stone None Story item
Lunar Dew None Story item
Sugoi Mizugi None Tao's bikini if held
Kitui Huku None Anri's dress if held
Teppou None Hidden item
Kenji None Hidden item
Kakuchan None Hidden item
Youji None Hidden item
Kindannohako None Hidden item

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